Friday, 29 December 2017

Pregnancy, what a time

Being pregnant.
Where can I even start? It is one of the many wonders of nature, to carry a baby
inside you for nine months, something that women all around the globe have been doing,
since the dawn of time. Even so, you can never underestimate what you are about to experience.
I think a woman, can never have too much information about the journey, she is about to take.
So where can you get the helpful information, you are so desperate for?
Most women today, go online, type in a few search words and
start reading about every little thing they are curious about. The deeper you search, the more information you find, information you didn't even know was out there.
Sooner or later, a soon to me mother, gets drowned and can get overwhelmed by all this research she found online. She starts to worry, panic, who she can trust. What websites are trust worthy? How 
do you know that?
I get it, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed, and especially with pregnancy, one of the biggest
things a woman can do.
Luckily for you, dear reader, I found a wonderful website, made especially for
expecting mothers, looking forward to their new baby.
The website is called
The stylishly made website, offers you all kinds of well written articles, that help
answer many of your questions, and to offer you guidance, during your special time.
The website is designed soothingly, elegantly and its reader can quickly find the content she or he
is looking for. At the very top of the pink colored site, you find six major categories; baby, getting
pregnant, parenting, reviews, tools and of course women`s health.
As you can see, the website covers pretty much everything from an early pregnancy to
later stages, while reminding you, you cannot forget about your health as well.
The articles on it, are written well, simple, not to complicated,so everyone can
understand them, while still being full of helpful information. 
I especially enjoyed reading the article titled "21 weeks pregnant" and it is perfect for
those who are pregnant 5 months
Like many other articles, this one is loaded with all kinds of information, an
expecting mother will surely love.
The article start by describing the baby at that particular stage; its size, behavior,...
The second part of the article consists of information about the expecting mother,
what she should expect at five months pregnancy and how she will feel.
Basically, the article covers everything from a growing baby to its mother, while
helping her to prepare and do many things that are helpful for the baby.
So I suggest, you visit the website on your own, just to see how helpful
it really is, I am sure you will find everything you are looking for in one place.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Do you have your perfect wedding dress?

Every little girl dreams about her dream guy and her dream wedding.
The perfect wedding dreams don`t just stop with childhood, but rather,
they follow us though our whole life. With many Hollywood movies about
weddings, with someone you know getting married, we are constantly being
reminded about weddings.
An important part of planning a wedding, is finding the most dreamy and perfect wedding dress.

While late night browsing, I discovered a great website, that specializes in wedding dresses,

The website offers endless selection of fashionably gorgeous dresses, so any bride-to.-be,
can find her perfect dress.
Either you are looking for something short or long,
simple or fancy,
an outdoor dress or hall dress,
I am sure you will find it here.
Not only does the website offers many varieties of wedding dress,
they offer dresses for every size, so allow me to show you their wonderful
selection of plus size wedding dresses :D 

  The website JJ`S house, focuses on everyone, since they offer very affordable
wedding dress, even below 100$.
And if you are looking for something more luxurious, you can browse higher priced
wedding dresses.
There are many things I like about the website and that includes their worldwide shipping,
which can be 70% off!
And speaking of savings, be sure to visit the website in the next 2 days,
as they currently offer 10% off your purchase!

So for all the brides-to-be, go ahead and check out this wonderful site,
I can guarantee, you won`t be disappointed. ;) :)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Giveaway with free book, bath bombs and more!

Time passes, things change, our goals change. Haven't we all been there?
I started my blog with intention to do something fun, something new. And I am glad I did,
because it has led me to book writing.
So here I am, just finished my first book and ready to get it out into the world.

"Set in dystopian future, where murder is now legal and getting popular. A group of struggling activists will do anything to ban it. Will they succeed? What must they sacrifice to achieve their goal?
The book follows a young ordinary girl, set in her ways, when she meets a man, desperate to change the world for the better, trying hard to convince people murder is wrong. Follow their journey, where they discover secrets, of the not so perfect and very mysterious world."

Writing it was easy, getting it out into the world, is not, so it is up to me, to let the
world know about it. So here I am, doing just that. I have decided to kick it off with a little
promotion, exclusive to the readers of this blog.
 I will send a free copy of my book, to everyone interested, just leave a comment below :)
Those who will read it and leave a review on the Amazon page, will be eligible for the giveaway I am hosting!

Here is the prize package the winners will receive:
- Body lotion by Cottage cosmetics, all natural without parabens
-Shower gel by Cottage cosmetics
-bath bomb by Kanu cosmetics
-Bottle of prize winning German champagne Blu Nun, 0.2 L

I will appreciate all the participants, therefor I will select more than just one winner ;)
The giveaway starts today on April 5th, 2017 and ends on
 April 30th, 2017.

Be sure to let me know your email so you can receive your copy-
Hope you enjoy :)



Saturday, 3 September 2016

Get your style on point with StyleWe

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. New trends emerge with every season, every holiday and every special occasion. So how does one keep up with fashion trends? Great idea is to follow fashion blogs, that direct you to stylish, trendy and innovative clothing stores
One of them is StyleWe.

As the name already implies, the store guarantees fashion forward and trendy clothing.
They don't follow fashion trends, they make them.
And speaking of fashion trends, be sure to check out their new cropped jackets collection. If you want to be fashionable of course ;)

For social media enthusiast make sure you follow the site StyleWe on their social media,
like Twitter
There you can keep up with the company, get all the information you require and be the
first to catch the trendiest fashion trends.
But if you are not a Twitter fan and prefer pictures to words, then check out
Their newest and the best clothing are published on that site,
so you quickly get an image of what the site offers :)


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

StlyleWe, styles me

Online shopping has been gaining popularity more and more
over the years. For some people online shopping represents a part
of a shopping experience, while others rely solely on it.
Since its` increase in popularity many online shops have emerged, some
good some not so good. So how can we find the good ones?
Well here is definitely a good one, StyleWe.
To see quickly what the site offers, I`ve created a wishlist of my favorite items.

The dress is fashionable, sexy but still elegant and currently on sale.
 Next item on the list is this lovely

I could do an entire wishlist including only dresses, but there is so much
more StyleWe can offer, for instance a great and fashionable selection of pants.
This Red work zipper skinny leg pants are just one of many.

StyleWe also offers a wide selection of Outwear, for warmer
and colder days. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is just a brief representation of what the site offers,
if I included every I`d have to write at least 10 more articles.
So for more offers, discounts and information do not hesitate to visit
StyleWe :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Childhood flashback

Ah, childhood. A time filled with magic, fun, imagination.
 A time with no worries. A time where all you had was fun.
The reason I am writing about childhood era, is because I stumbled upon
a modernized toy I had when I was a child.
I am talking about Bubble football.

Well, even looking at the picture you can tell it is so so much fun.
It`s creative, unusual, something new and dare I say, not just for kids!
I`m sure some adults want to play as well, and why not, I surely do.
But inflatable products have come a long way since I was a child.
Back then we only had these inflatable balls but now you have all sorts of products,
like an inflatable soccer goal, which you check it out here
 I must mention, that inflatable balls also come in different colors,
as you can see in the picture below. For more information about that, check out
this link here, where you will find out everything you need to know about these
inflatable balls.

Besides their appearance and uniqueness, these products have many great attributes.
  They are light in weight, so they are easy to carry.
If a child accidentally falls and bumps his head on an inflatable product,
he or she won`t get injured at all, but if a child falls on to a metal product that is whole
new story...
I am mentioning this, because the inflatable balls you see in the pictures,
were also created to prevent many, many injuries in soccer.
The inflatable also balls add a new spin on an old game, which makes it so much more fun
and interesting.
I remember my father rented these for my birthday when I was a kid, and
it was a blast. Everyone had so so much fun and it was the best birthday I can remember.
But not only was it the best, it was also the most memorable for every that ettented
because it was different and interesting.

Because of uniqueness of this product, you can use for more than just fun.
Surely fun is the number one reason for this product, but the inflatable balls have also
been used for good. Like for team building events, which are a great way to make your 
company more successful.
They are also great for charity events, because I can guarantee you, they
will get you the attention that your charity needs. 
With these balls you can do endless string of fun activities.
Bounce of your opponent, spin while the balls, roll, and so much more.
So I encourage you to maybe purchase the balls and have some extra fun :) 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Landybridal can make your day perfect as well

As you may recall,
yesterday I did a post regarding wedding and I mentioned a lovely site.
But my lovely readers need to know there is another great website
that offers amazing wedding dresses an so much more.
I am talking about Landybridal
The site offers a variety of styles in wedding dresses,
that can satisfy even the pickiest of us.
You can choose anything from vintage lace wedding dresses,
if you a retro fan like I, but if your style is modern,
edgy and fashion forward, then check out their
wedding dresses 2016, surely you will find and edgy and unique dress.
But I am sure some of you worry about your budget, I know I do,
so I`m sure when buying something you are on a hunt for sales.
No need to look any further, because at Landybridal you can catch
a special sale campaign.
Including all that, you can really make your special day perfect
and I hope for those who are getting married it is, and even
better life afterwards :)