Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Simple nail art

I love nail art, sometimes I spend hours doing my nails, but I don`t always have time for that, so I was very happy when I found a quick and simple technique. The nails look pretty, they look like you spend hours doing them. I am talking about nail art stickers :)
You can find them in any drugstore, and also online.
When I first got them, they were a gift, and the first thing I thought, I will never use this, but luckilly I did.
They are very simple to use and you are done quickly.
First you apply any shade of nail polish, wait for it to dry and then simply, but carefully peel of the selected sticker and apply it to your nail. For a better result also apply top coat.
I was hooked on immediately :)
Because I loved it so much, I ordered a bunch of them online, they were much cheaper then they are here, and the selection is much wider.

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