Friday, 15 August 2014

Lolita dress

Hello dear readers,
As I have mentioned a few times in my previous post, I love shopping online.
Being an engineer student can sometimes take up a lot of time, so sometimes I feel to tired to go out shopping, I just rather sit down and surf the internet.
Also I am very picky, so I like my clothes to stand out and to be unique.
I like lots of different style, one of which is called Lolita fashion.
These cute dresses are inspired by victorian age( vintage, which is great for me) and because it originated in Japan it is also referred as Japanese Lolita fashion . Over the years the style grew and now Lolita fashions has become quite popular, and so it developed into lots of different sub styles.

Today we know lots of different Lolita dresses, the first one I noticed and loved, is called a gothic lolita dress. When I was younger, I admit, I wore gothic clothing all the time, and to this day I still love that style :)
And when I saw the black dress you see below, I was reminded of that time :)

But for those of you, who aren`t a fan of gothic style, there are still lots of different Lolita dresses you can choose from :)
Like for instance a white Lolita dress, one of them you can see in the picture below.
Very vintage, which I like very much, as you may have noticed in some of my previous posts, and when I saw this dress, I associated it with wedding, so you can wear a classic lolita dress as a wedding dress as well :)

But for anyone who likes a little color in their clothing, not just white, and think black is to dark, you can also find a pink Lolita dress. This one is the cutest one for me, because the shade of pink so girly and innocent, you can dress a little girl in it and she would look adorable, it is such a sweet Lolita dress, I just want to find my little cousin and dress her up, she would love it, because she is a typical little girl and pink is her favorite color :)

But Lolita dresses, can be worn as costumes as well. Most of the world knows Halloween, which is a great occasion to get dresses up, but here in Slovenia we have another holiday besides Halloween, where you can get dressed up as well, and it is called "pust" or in English simply carnival.
This holiday comes around February to mark the end of the winter and it is celebrated the same way as Halloween, so here we have two holidays where we dress up.
So when I saw this blue Lolita dress I thought it was a great idea for a vintage inspired costume.

As some of you may already know, this kind of dresses can be expensive, and being a student, I can`t really afford to buy expensive dresses, so I was really interested when I came by a website called Tidebuy which offers cheap Lolita dresses so I was really glad when I found cute and unique dresses by affordable prices :)
So if any of you like this dresses as well you can visit the website, which is given below and enjoy shopping :)

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Such pretty dresses ;)


  2. Hi, Dear, I've the same sponsored post just a few hours ago. Can you believe almost all the dresses I chose are the same as those you have? I think we have the same taste. Great job.

    1. Hey, just saw your post, we have a similar taste ;)

  3. They are vintage indeed but in a good meaning. The blue and black with the checked pattern are the most impressive imo.

  4. I love this dresses Hope one day made one for me, hope you have a nice weekend.

  5. Very pretty and unique dresses!

  6. How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    -- Michelle |

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  10. Lovely selection of dresses Monika! ;)

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  14. The dresses you show here are wonderful! Unfortunately I have normally really seldom the opportunity to wear such dresses ... therefore I enjoyed it to watch them :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  15. These dresses are so chic babe
    Beautiful selection
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

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  17. wonderful dresses <333

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  18. I BUY ALL! :*

  19. Alguns são bem lindos, como o primeiro e o terceiro, esse estilo é um amor! <3
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  20. Los vestidos de Lolita son super unicos y totalmente divertidos! los vestidos que elegiste son geniales! Muchisimas gracias por tu lindo comentario en mi blog, yo desde y ate sigo en G+, espero que me sigas para mantenernos en contacto.



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  23. omg i love all of them!!! :) have a great weekend :*

  24. Eu amei o primeiro vestido e o segundo, eles são muito lindos, e como você flor, eu amo comprar oline sem precisar sair de casa, comprar pela internet é maravilhoso, gostei,
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  26. Joj, the oblekce so pa res lustkane :)


  27. Pretty dresses! They are all so gorgeous :) X

  28. Amazing dresses, big fan of unique and unusual clothing! :)

  29. nice dresses

  30. Gorgeous dresses. I first fell in love the the lolita and gothic lolita style when I saw a Japanese film called Kamikaze Girls - it's amazing. One of my top ten favourite films :-D