Friday, 22 August 2014

The Liebster award

This post will revolve around something called Liebster award.
I was nominated by lovely Barbara from
I was really excited, because when I first started writing my blog, I though no one would notice, but luckily it did get noticed ans I`m really happy about that :)
So lets get started :)

This are the rules:
Post 11 facts about you.
Answer 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
Link your nominees to this post.
Create 11 questions for your nominees.
Let your nominees know that you tagged them.
Remember, no tag backs!

11 facts about me:
1. I like to travel.
2. I`m a multimedia engineer student.
3. I love doing Zumba.
4. I`m a vegetarian.
5. I like tattoos, have a few little ones.
6. My favorite song is from Foreigner - Long, Long Way From Home
7. I`m not so good at cooking.
8. I`m more of a quiet person.
9. I prefer shopping online than in an actual store.
10. I love watching tv shows, like Friends, Frasier, Supernatural, Weeds, Modern family,...
11. I like experiencing new cultures and meeting people from different cultures.

Barbara`s questions:

1. Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a wonderful dog named Ajka.

2. What is the most crazy thing you ever done?
Oh waw that is a tough question, waw well, when I was in high school, I was pretty out of control, there wasn`t a day that I didn`t do anything crazy, that`s all I`d like to say ;)

3. What country do you want to visit the most?
 Well, I really wish to visit Morocco again.

4. What is your favorite kind of music?
I like all kinds of music, and I have never really given much though to genre, but my favorite band are Within tempation, Amaranthe, AC/DC,...

5. Which celebrity you don`t really like?
Well I don`t know any celebrities personally, so I can only judge from what I hear in the media, but I have never been a fan on Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

6. Which sports do you like the most?
Oh well, sport don`t really interest me, so I don`t get excited about any kind of sport.

7. What makes you happy?
Happy to me, is finding all the important things in your life, like true love and friendship.

8. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Check my email.

9.Who is your favorite blogger/youtuber?  
Hmm, there are so many wonderful blogs to choose from, but if I had to choose, my favorite blog is 
The Indian Savage Diary

10. What is your favorite drink?
My favorite drink is Pepsi.

11. Are you a morning or an evening person? 
Definitely an evening person, getting out of bed is torture :)  

And now comes the part, where I have to come up with 11 questions for my nominees, I surely hope the questions will be ok :)

1. What tv shows do you like to watch?

2. What is your favorite song?

3. What would you say is your best characteristic?

4. What would you say is your worst characteristic?

5. What is your favorite animal?

6. What do you respect most in other people?

7. How would you describe your personal style?

8. What is your favorite color?

9. What is your favorite food?

10. What is your favorite holiday?

11. What annoys you the most?


I nominate:

Hi_D from

Another Sandra from

Rita from

Update :
Today I saw that lovely Celia from    also nominated me.
I was so glad about that, after the stressful day I had it really made my day :)
So of course I will also answer her questions as well :)

1. Why did you pick this name for your blog?
 Well I have always been a dreamer, have a wild imagination, and I have always kind of lived in my own little world, personal dream land, so I though that would be the perfect name for my blog, where I can write whatever pops in my mind :)

2.Why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging, because for a long time, I have been reading lots of different blogs, and I found them interesting, I had some free time and I just simply decided to try it out.

3.What is your inspirations to made a blogpost?
I draw my inspiration from clothing, music and other blogs.

4.Do you have someone as reference?
Hmm, I don`t think so, just started this on my own.

5.Are you organized?
Unfortunately not at all.

6.Where would you go if you could travel in time?
Definitely the 1960s 

7.Your favourite color to wear?
Hmm, that is so hard to choose, because my taste gets changed often, I get sick of colors easily, but right now, I really like blue, any kind of shade.

8.Did you bleached your hair?
I don`t bleach my hair, but I color it. 

9.Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs :) 

10.Where do you want to go if you could travel anywhere?
Probably go back to Morocco. 

11.If you have to say goodbye for last time, who you'll said to?
Hmm that is a hard question and I don`t think I could do it. 

I would like to thank both wonderful bloggers who nominated me, I really appreciated and it made me so glad :)
I wish everyone a great week, I might be a bit absent because of college exams, but I can`t wait for a chance to read all of the wonderful blogs and create new posts :)



  1. Would you share your dog with me? I'm kidding, but I would love to have a dog. xoxo
    Enara's Things

    1. Haha sure, she loves people :P
      I love having a dog, she is so nice :)

  2. Congratulation doll omg love the Foreigner we have music and travel in common also not a fan of bieber and cyrus. Enjoy your weekend

    1. That`s awesome I love their music, so great to hear what I have in common with other bloggers :)
      Thank you, you too :)

  3. Congrats on the award! Great answers Monika. You go girl!

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    But thanks again honey! <3


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