Thursday, 25 September 2014

Little galaxy dress

Today I am posting another galaxy dress, I love the print so much, 
that I can`t help but to wear it all the time, dresses, sweaters, almost anything.
This dress is one of my favorite, because of the print and the cute cut.

Tokrat objavljam še eno obleko z galaxy potiskom.
Obožujem ta potisk in ga nosim pogosto, oblekice, puloverji, skoraj povsod mi je všeč.
Ta oblekica je ena izmed mojih najljubših zaradi potiska in kroja.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Special shoes

How many of us can agree, that no matter how many pairs of shoes you have, it`s never enough?
Well that is certainly my case, liking all kind of shoes, high heels, flats, elegant, sporty and of course for a special occasion, like for a wedding.
Either you are a bridesmaid or the lucky bride, finding the right pair of shoes isn`t always easy.
Lots of factors are important, like the color, heel high, material and the price or even more.
You can visit a thousand stores and not find the right pair, 
but if you shop at TBdress  you won`t have that problem, 
here you will easily find the perfect pair. 
They offer a wide variety of cheap bridal shoes for the bride and of course also bridesmaid shoes.
Here you can see, some of the shoes they offer.
Which pair is your favorite?

Rhinestone net peep-toe high heels 

Removable flowers lace peep-toe wedding shoes

Shining bowknot wedding shoes

Sexy contrast color platform high heels

 Fashionable elegant lace rhinestone wedding shoes

For more information, you can visit their website, 
and check out their offer by yourself :)

Have a great week :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Another asymmetric skirt

Today I am posting another asymmetric skirt, you may have noticed I really like them.
I combined it with a casual basic shirt, which I found in the back of my closet.
I have had it for a really long time, but lately I haven`t been wearing it much, I focused more
on colorful clothes. But this darker clothes were a nice change, a little bit of an old me, 
because when I was younger I was mostly wearing darker clothes.
The day when I wore this was nice, warm with a light breeze, 
so the flow of the dress really came out. 

Tokrat sem objavila še eno asimetrično krilo, morda ste opazili da jih obožujem.
Zraven sem kombinirala navadno črno majčko, ki sem jo izkopala iz omare.
Nisem je nosila že kar nekaj časa, zadnje čase sem raje nosila bolj barvna oblačila.
Ampak tale videz je bolj temnih barv, kar je bila prijetna sprememba, saj ko sem bila mlajša, 
sem v večini nosila bolj temna oblačila. 
Dan ko sem imela to oblečeno je bil čudovit, sončen z zelo rahlim vetrom, 
in tako je krilo super prišlo do izraza.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Maxi dress

Summer may be gone, but some of my summer outfits are still unpublished.
Here I am posting a wonderful maxi dress, which I got while I was in Morocco, you can read more about that here.
I`ve always loved maxi dresses but I always had difficulty finding them.
I am short( 160cm) so most of them were way to long, and the cut looked much better on taller women so I mostly looked a bit funny in them.
So when I found this dress I was really glad, I think the cut is great for shorter women as well, and I didn`t have to cut it to make it shorter :)
What do you think?

Poletje se je že poslovilo, a še vedno imam pripravljenih nekaj poletnih objav.
Tukaj sem objavila čudovito maxi obleko, ki sem jo kupila na počitnicah v Maroku, več o tem
si lahko preberete tukaj.
Maxi obleke so mi vedno bile všeč, a sem jih bolj težko našla. Sama sem bolj majhne postave
(160cm) in zaradi tega mi je večina oblek bila precej predolgih. Tudi kroj je ponavadi bil narejen za višje ženske, zato sem ponavadi izgledala prav smešno.
Torej, bila sem vesela ko sem našla to oblekico, zdi se mi da je kroj primeren tudi za ženske manjših postav pa še krajšati mi je ni bilo treba :)
Kako se pa vam zdi?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pink skater skirt

Looking at my wardrobe recently I noticed a big presence of pink.
I was never really into that color, it wasn`t anything special to me.
So why do I have so many pink clothes?
Well pink symbolizes sensitivity, sweetness generosity and tenderness.
Maybe I was missing or craving those things in my life and I was subconsciously trying to fill up a void, maybe, who knows.
I`m sure not everyone life is perfect and we are just trying to make it ok, or trying to fill a void, each in our special was.
Trying to be more sweet or generous or tender can`t hurt, surely it can make our lives better, and we will make our self feel better.
 It may sound shallow, but wearing the right clothes can have an impact on a persons mood, I know it does on mine :)
Like for example, wearing a cute pink skirt, I can`t help but too feel more warm and soft, so that is at least something, and combining it with a bolero with 3D flower, makes the outfit extra cute :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Best blog award

Recently, I was nominated for a best blog award, which made me so happy :)
Thank you to the lovely Judita from Smell of Peony for the nomination :)

Here are the rules:

1. Add blog link, where you were nominated.
2. Reply to 11 questions.
3. Tag 11 blogs, that you look amazing.
4. Ask your's 11 questions.
5.  Report blogger,where you are taged, that you've done.

The questions:

1. The most favorite beauty product?
Definitely eye shadow, love to experiment with them.

2. What is your hobby (without blog writing)?
I like doing Zumba.

3.What three things would you take to a lonely island?
Tweezers, mp4 player and a solar charger.

4.Why start writing a blog?
  I was following a few blogs for a long time and I was really inspired by them, so I though I would try it for myself.

5.Your style icon?
I don`t really have a specific person, I like different styles.

6. I want to buy ...?
Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

7. Favorites perfume.
 Can`t make up my mind.

8. favorite songs.

9. Favorite movie?
I like so many movies, but if I had to choose I would say Harry Potter series and National treasure series.

10. Today`s selfie(add a photo)

11. Wish to yourself. 

My questions:

1. What would you say is your best charasteric?
2. What would you say is your worst charasteric?
3. What is your favorite clothing item?
4. What is your worst habit?
5. If you could choose one super power, what would it be?
6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
7. If you could travel through time, where or when would you go?
8. What is your favorite animal?
9. How many languages can you speak fluently?
10. What inspired the name for your blog?
11. Who is your favorite celebrity?

My nominees: 


Friday, 5 September 2014

Feeling the asymmetry

Asymmetric clothes have always been a part of my wardrobe, summer or winter any time.
This blue skirt, which I got on ebay was worn a lot during summer, and it was about time I posted it.
The DIY yellow shirt went nicely with it, so the whole outfit was made of earth tones.
Blue like the ocean, yellow like the sun, perfect for summer.
These colors combined create a wonderful contrast. 
Blue being more cold and toned down and yellow being warm, bright and enlightened.

Asimetrična oblačila so bila vedno del moje garderobe, v toplejših in hladnejših dnevih.
Modro krilo, ki sem ga kupila na ebayu, 
sem čez poletje veliko nosila, zato je bil že zaden čas da ga objavim. 
Zraven sem kombinirala DIY rumeno majčko, 
in tako je bil outfit sestavljen iz naravnih tonov. Modra kot morje, rumena kot sonce. Ti dve barvi skupaj ustvarita čudovit kontrast, 
saj modra je bolj umirjena in hladna barva, rumena pa topla in svetla.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Let`s get pretty!

Formal events can be fun, they can also be a bit stressful. Like planning a wedding. 
It is such a wonderful event in our life but all the planning, all the detailing can take the fun right out of it.
And finding the right dress, that can also be a challenge.
And not just for a wedding, for a prom or even for simple night out.
But if you shop at Aviva dress  you won`t have that problem anymore.
Here you can find dresses for every taste and for every demand.
Either you`re looking for something girly and cute or more something more edgy this is the site for you, 
the selection is wide :)
When the time comes, girls look for prom dresses, and lots of factors are involved, the cut, 
color and of course price, so for all you lovely ladies, who like your evening dresses for a good price,
I would recommend this site.

As you can see, you can shop for short prom dresses and long prom dresses, the choice is yours.
Of course not everyone is looking for prom dresses, some of you lovely ladies have already passed the prom stage and are looking for sexy dresses for a night out on the town.
Cocktail dresses are also available and with this bold and sexy designs you will definitely
be the life of the party :)

The site also offers a lovely selection of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses for the lucky ladies who are getting married :)
You can choose more traditional dresses or something new and daring.

But the one thing I must not forget, is their offer of plus size dresses,
 from the moment I saw this category I knew I liked this site. 
I use to carry quite a lot of weight and was definitely considered plus sized. 
It was hard for me to find dresses that would fit me or look good on me. 
Lots of sites only offer sizes for thin women, 
and when you don`t find your size you feel bad, I know I did. So when I looked at their offer of plus size clothing, 
I couldn`t belive how great it was. So many great and flattering choices that would make any woman feel beautiful :)

So which dress do you like the most?
What do you look for when you shop for a formal dress?
For more information and offers you can visit the website and see their lovely offer for yourself :)

Have a great day :)




Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pretty beddings

Have you ever been to a store, looked around and all you say was plain, boring and ordinary stuff?
Well I certanly have, many times, especially when it comes to home decor.
I like my things to be something special, maybe a bit different, certainly an eye catcher.
That`s why I was really glad when I found a website called BeddingInn 
The website offers a lot of different bedding sets styles, for every taste, either you like bright color, or dark colors you will definitely find something here :)
The first thing that poped out to me, were the purple comforter sets.
The color itself is rich and full of energy, being a mix of two colors with completely different attributes, blue and red, so it is a color I would definitely use in my bedroom.

 Another great thing I found is boys comforter sets. Most boys I know, especially my brother don`t put much though into bedding, they just get the first thing they find.
But after seeing what this website offers, I think a lot of them would definitely browse for quite a long time :)
The bedding below is perfect for younger boys, being creative and fun and still subtle, not to flashy :)

Queen size comforter sets are also avaible. In lots of different colors, themes, designs, something for every taste :)
The one that stood out to me was this romantic one you see below.

But the first thing or theme I looked was the ocean comforter sets. 
I just love the ocean and most of my bedding is ocean inspired :) Something about the deep blue water just calms me down.
I especially like the bedding you see below with tropical islands, simply dreamy for me :)

Another theme I found very interesting and creative is sunset bedding sets.
Those designs are so beautiful and romantic to me and to most people I ask, so this theme would be perfect for a couple in love :)


So which one is your favorite?
What do you look for when you shop for bedding sets?
I hope you all liked this bedding sets as much as I do, and for more information and offers you can visit the website and see all of their wonderful stuff for yourself :)

Have a great day :)


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Asymmetric mint

today I`m posting a woderful outfit, I wore a while ago, while it was still sunny, not as cloudy as it September.
It was great for summer, light material, cute warm and pastel colors.
Mint is one of my favorite color as are asymmetrical skirts.
The chiffon material is wonderful to me, so light and with this color so dreamy :)
For a perfect summer look I combined the skirt with a floral top and white sandals.
I choose a more natural and green background for a relaxed, breezy atmosphere and I think the pictures look better with nicer backgrounds :)

Danes sem objavila luškan outfit, ki se ga nosila nekaj časa nazaj ko je še bilo sončno in toplo, ne tako oblačno kot sedaj septembra.
Bilo je super za poletje, zaradi lahkega materiala in zaradi toplih in pastelnih barv.
Turkizna je ena izmed mojih najljubših barv, obožujem pa tudi asimetrična krila, tako da skupaj je bila sanjska kombibacija zame :)
Zraven sem kombinirala rožasto majčko in bele sandale.
Za ozadje sem izbrala zeleno naravo za bolj sproščeno vzdušje in se mi zdi da so slike lepše z primernim ozadjem :)