Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pretty beddings

Have you ever been to a store, looked around and all you say was plain, boring and ordinary stuff?
Well I certanly have, many times, especially when it comes to home decor.
I like my things to be something special, maybe a bit different, certainly an eye catcher.
That`s why I was really glad when I found a website called BeddingInn 
The website offers a lot of different bedding sets styles, for every taste, either you like bright color, or dark colors you will definitely find something here :)
The first thing that poped out to me, were the purple comforter sets.
The color itself is rich and full of energy, being a mix of two colors with completely different attributes, blue and red, so it is a color I would definitely use in my bedroom.

 Another great thing I found is boys comforter sets. Most boys I know, especially my brother don`t put much though into bedding, they just get the first thing they find.
But after seeing what this website offers, I think a lot of them would definitely browse for quite a long time :)
The bedding below is perfect for younger boys, being creative and fun and still subtle, not to flashy :)

Queen size comforter sets are also avaible. In lots of different colors, themes, designs, something for every taste :)
The one that stood out to me was this romantic one you see below.

But the first thing or theme I looked was the ocean comforter sets. 
I just love the ocean and most of my bedding is ocean inspired :) Something about the deep blue water just calms me down.
I especially like the bedding you see below with tropical islands, simply dreamy for me :)

Another theme I found very interesting and creative is sunset bedding sets.
Those designs are so beautiful and romantic to me and to most people I ask, so this theme would be perfect for a couple in love :)


So which one is your favorite?
What do you look for when you shop for bedding sets?
I hope you all liked this bedding sets as much as I do, and for more information and offers you can visit the website and see all of their wonderful stuff for yourself :)

Have a great day :)



  1. wau, res so simpatične! :))
    meni je najbolj všeč ravno zadnja. :P moram malo pokukati na njihovo stran. :)

  2. Wow! These beddings are amazing. The colors are so vivid and alive. I love them. Thanks for sharing the site.

  3. Great job doll nice items.

  4. Heartbeats for the white swan on lake!!! I love the vibrant colours!!!

  5. So cute and what fun prints!

    <3 Shannon

  6. What a great post! These beddings are amazing!

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  7. Love the last picture dear :D


  8. Beautiful designs of beddings, my favs are all 3D beddings. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  9. Wow, amazing bedding sets, I love that with tropical islands :)

  10. Great post, and nice prints :)

  11. wow,the beddings are beautiful
    great post

  12. Hi sweetie!
    Great homerobe!! So original
    Love the island one

  13. Joj, to pa res kul zgleda :)


  14. Nice post, great pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    Leave a comment when you follow and ill follow you right back.

  15. It feels like a dream. I love the red flower one!

  16. These are gorgeous! Love the last one :)

    1. I agree :) So pretty, my mom and I both love them :)

  17. I love the 1st and last one!!! So beautiful!!

    恵美より ♥

  18. I will never want to wake up from my bed. These are some futuristic 3D looking beddings. Beautiful!

  19. i love it

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