Monday, 27 October 2014

Aztec tunic

this time I`ll be showing you a lovely tunic with Aztec print.
The print was very popular during summer, I like it too, 
so why not wear in autumn to in grey shades which are trendy now.
I combined it with faux leather shorts,
and pink platform heels to add a little color to a black and grey outfit :)

danes objavljam čudovito tuniko z azteškim potiskom.
Ta potisk je bil precej popularen poleti, tudi meni je bil všeč,
zato ga bom nosila tudi jeseni, v sivih odtenkih,
ki so trenutno popularni.
Zraven sem kombinirala črne hlače iz umetnega usnja
in roza petke da outfit ni popolnoma črn in siv :)


Friday, 24 October 2014

Tbdress wishlist

Today`s post will be a bit different.
I won`t be writing about an outfit I wore, I decided to write about
a lovely website called Tbdress :)
I prefer shopping online, it`s more enjoyable for me.
No crowded store, you can shop anytime you want,
you can take your time deciding what you will buy...
I`ve stumbled upon this site I`ve mentioned, Tbdress
and immediately I saw what lovely item they offer,
so I decided to share my wishlist on my blog :)

First item I would like to share are this amazing 
Black plaid Round toe lace up boots, as soon as I saw them,
I knew I had to make them mine :)

Another pair of boots I like, 
are so interesting because they are two- toned, 
great for anyone who likes different things :)

Another thing I really liked, are this 
so cool, simple and fashionable.

Next on my list is this adorable
Pefect for autumn, and for a classy look.

Last but not least on my list is this simple, casual

If anyone is curious about this site, 
and wishes to see what more they offer, you can
check it out for yourself :)

Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Faux leather skirt with check shoes

Lately check print has been all the rage,
we are seeing it everywhere.
On shirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, just everywhere.
When I saw this trend returning, I though, 
hmm I think I have something checked in my closet.
And surely I was right, I found the most adorable pair of shoes,
that I haven`t worm in years :)
Neon yellow color with check print.
This goes to show, that you don`t have to buy the latest fashion items
when they come to stores, you can just dig around your closet,
and maybe find something cute :)
The shoes are very colorful themselves, so I combined them
will all black outfit, to be more exact with a faux leather high waisted skirt
 so they really pop :)

V zadnjem času je karirast vzorec postal zelo popularen,
vidim ga povsod.
Na srajcah, hlačah,  majčkah, povsod.
 Ko sem opazila ta trend, sem nemudoma pomislila,
hmm zagotovo imam nekaj takšnega v omari.
Ko sem malce pobrskala, sem videla da imam prav,
saj sem našla luškan pa čevljev, ki jih že dolgo nisem nosila :)
Neon rumene barve z karo vzorcem.
Vedno je super pobrskati po omari, preden letiš v trgovino,
 saj morda najdeš kakšen star kos oblačila,
 ki ga že dolgo nisi nosil in je ponovno moden :)
Čevlji so barviti in posebni, zato sem jih kombinirala z
črnim oblačili, natančneje z krilom iz umetnega usnja, 
z visokim pasom, da čevlji še bolj izstopajo :)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Halloween with Choies

Halloween is approaching fast, and people are getting ready
and making all kind of plans, for parties or costumes.
Some people like scary costumes, some like sexy ones,
but some still want to be fashionable.
How to be fashionable and dressed for halloween?
Well if you shop at Choies that won`t be a problem.
Here you can find a lot of different halloween inspired clothing.
You can either use some as a part of your costume
or simply get in the spirit of halloween :)
Below you can see some of their clothing especially for halloween.

 Choies black bloody hands print sweater

3D unisex Skull Mona Lisa sweatshirt
 Dote lace veil headpiece

Naked skeleton print 20 denier tights 

Rib pattern bodycon dress with contrast mesh panel

Here are just a few examples, of course they have many more
which you can see in the link below :)

And don`t forget to check out their flash sales, 
you may find an item you like on sale ;)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

R.I.P. diet

How many of us have tried all sorts of diets, 
or diets that didn`t work?
I know lots of people who have tried all kinds of crazy diets
in attempt to lose weight. 
You stick to a diet for a while, then suddenly you just give into temptation,
I know I have a pretty big sweet tooth :)
The sweater I am wearing has cupcakes all over, and a big quote
that says " R.I.P. diet"
The reason I liked this sweater is beacuse of it`s message.
Some diets are so crazy and unhealthy for us, it`s better to stay away from some of them.
Still the best way of losing weight is exercising and eating right,
and you can also indulge yourself from time to time with cupcakes
or whatever you prefer ;)

Koliko od nas je že poskusilo razne diete,
oziroma diete ki niso delovale?
Jaz poznam precej takšnih ljudi. ki so poskušali izgubiti težo
z raznimi čudnimi dieatami.
Nekaj časa se držiš diete, potem pa se nenadoma predaš skušnjavi,
vem da sama sem precej sladkosneda :)
Pulover ki ga nosim, ima na sebi potiskane kolačke,
na sprednjem delu pa velik napis "R.I.P. diet"
Ta pulover mi je bil precej všeč zaradi sporočila,
nekatere diete so lahko čudne in nezdrave za naše telo,
zato se je takšnih diet dobro izogniti.
Še vedno je najbolj zdrav način za izgubo teže pravilna prehrana
in telovadba.
In tudi od časa do časa si lahko privoščiš kaj sladkega,
kot na primer kolačke ali kakšno drugo skušnjavo ;)



Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tidebuy halloween costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching.
Lots of people I know are already preparing for it,
 either you have kids and they trick-or-treat or you are a bit older 
and you attend costume parties.
Either way, a lot of people are getting their costumes ready.
Looking for an idea is time consuming and after you find the right idea,
the search for the costume begins.
If you don`t feel like spending a lot of money for a costume you are only
going to wear one night, you can search for Tidebuy halloween costumes.
They offer a wide selection of halloween costumes, 
For those who are a fan of corsets, I know I am, you can find 
But for those daring ladies, who want to get extra sexy on halloween,
you can also find a nice selection of Tidebuy halloween sexy lingerie.
Here, I have also selected a few halloween costumes, 
so you have a better of idea of what they offer :)

 For those who are interested in seeing even more costumes,
you can visit their page by yourself and browse their wonderful selection :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jacket from tidebuy

Few days ago, I had a package waiting for me.
When I opened it, I saw it was a shipment from a lovely website called Tidebuy.
Waiting for me, was a fashionable and amazing PU jacket, which I absolutely love, and now wear it everywhere :)
The jacket is light, not to heavy to wear, fits perfectly, not to small or to loose, just right, 
so that means the description of the jacket on their website was completely correct :)
I would definitely recommend this site, their products are lovely, just as described and service was great to :)

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Autumn outfit

Lately I have been so busy with moving and starting college,
I barely had time for anything else,
but now that I`m more settled in, I can finally do some blogging :)
Here I am posting an outfit great for autumn.
Sporty loose top combined with faux leather shorts and wedge shoes,
which I love and wear often.

Zadnje dni sem bila precej zaposlena z selitvijo in pričetkom študija,
komaj sem imela čas za kaj drugega.
Sedaj pa so se stvari malce umirile in zopet imam čas za svoj blog :)
Tokrat sem objavila outfit, super za jesen.
Športni ohlapen top, kombiniran z kratkimi hlačami iz umetnega usnja
in čevlji z polno peto, ki ji obožujem in nosim pogosto.