Sunday, 30 November 2014

A touch of vintage

after a while, I finally found time post a new look
on my blog.
Here I am wearing a black dress with lace detailing
with white stockings.
The dress itself has a touch of goth, a touch of vintage
so I though it would be fun to make pictures a little different :)
The way the pictures turned out, I think they kind of
have a vintage, chilly touch to them, do you agree?

končno sem spet našla čas do objavim nov outfit
na svojem blogu.
Tukaj nosim črno oblekico, z dodatkom čipk
in bele nogavice.
Zdelo se mi je da ima oblekica privdih goth in vintage
stila, zato se mi je zdelo zabavno da tokrat naredim
malo drugačne slike :) Glede na to kakšne slikce so nastale,
bi rekla da imajo isti privdih kot oblekica,
se strinjate?


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Do you want it 90% off?

Who here likes to shop?
I know I do :)
If there is a sale, even better,
everyone loves a sale, from struggling college students
to well to do people,
so I am letting all my lovely readers know about
Discounts up to 90% on selected items,
fashionable, in style and unique items :)
Skirts, coats, sweaters, you name it,
they got it :)
Holiday season has begun, celebrations are all around us,
so don`t forget to treat yourself and your loved ones,
catching a sale, that is even better,
so I most definitely recommend visiting
Choies on December 1st
and catch their crazy Cyber Monday sale
Enjoy :) 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Winte boots on sale at EricDress

Winter season is just begging,
the cold is here, and with it our winter wardrobe.
During winter, is best to wear boots, I know I do :)
So while I was looking for winter boots, I`ve stumbled
upon a website called
Here you can find a very wide selection of winter appareal
and of course winter boots on sale.
You can find any kind of boots you desire,
from cheap ankle boots to high boots, in lots of different
colors and styles.
To get a better idea of what they offer, I have selected
a few items from their website to show them here :)

For more information and a bigger selection,
you can visit their website by yourself
and find a perfect pair of boots for you :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Be fashionable and cozy with Choies

Winter season is already starting,
somewhere it has already begun and during these
cold months we have to dress warm and cozy, which
isn`t always super fashionable, just casual and simple wear
which, I have to admit, gets a little boring.
I like my clothes to be fashionable and interesting,
that`s why I like to shop at
Here you can always find a wonderful selection of clothing,
cozy and fashionable :)
Dress fun and pretty even during winter months,
not everything has to be grey and plain, I know I like to :)
If you are a fan of pop culture, you will also find sweaters with
current pop culture trends ;)
You can see them here
Cardigans are also very trendy,
here you can find a very wide selection of them,
different cuts, styles and colors :)
To get a better idea of what they offer, I selected a few
images from thei website to show them here :)

For more information and a bigger selection,
visit their website here
and enjoy browsing and maybe even shopping :)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Faux leather skirt from Choies

Today I am posting another item I got at
Skater skirt, made of faux leather of course is a wonderful
addition to my wardrobe, as it is so versatile I can
combine it with lots of different items.
Here I combined it with a simple black shirt,
over the knee stocking, and I`m also wearing a cute
DIY hat with ears, which I got at New yorker.
 The hat itself was black, without anything,
then I added the neon green spikes to add a little color :)

Danes objavljam še en artikel ki sem ga dobila na
Skater krilo iz umetnega usnja, je čudovit dodatek
moji garderobi sam je vsestransko in ga lahko kombiniram
z veliko različnimi oblačili.
Tukaj sem ga kombinirala z preprosto črno majico,
over the knee nogavicami, zraven pa sem dodala
DIY kapo, ki sem jo kupila v New Yorkerju.
Kapa je sprva bila čisto črna, dodala pa sem ji
neon zelene netke, za malo popestritve :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Polka dot

Today, I am posting a cute outfit from clothing I got at
This skirt was in my first package from choies, and I was
so so pleased with the clothes, I of course ordered more :)
While browsing Choies, I noticed a cute bag, that totally
looks like it`s a drawing, I loved it so much, I just
had to had, and when it can it was so ecstatic about
how nice it is, it really looks like it is drawn :) 
Last week I also got another package, this one was from
and awaiting for me were gorgeous platform shoes
with chunky heels which you can also see in the pictures :)

Danes objavljam outfit ki sem ga sestavila iz oblačil ki sem jih
naročila na spletni strani
Krilo ki ga nosim na sliki, je bilo v prvi pošiljki iz te strani,
in ker sem bila izjemno navdušena, si nisem mogla pomagati
kot da še naročim več izdelkov :)
Medtem ko sem brskala po strani choies, sem naletela 
na zelo zanimivo torbo, ki izgleda kot da bi bila narisana,
bila mi je zelo všeč zato sem jo naročila, in ko je prispela
sem bila izjemno navdušena, saj v realnosti izgleda
kot da bi bila narisana :)
Prejšnji teden, pa me je pričakal še en paket,
ta pa iz spletne strani 
V paketu so me pričakali čudoviti čevlji
z platformo in debelo peto, ki jih nosim na slikah :)

Pred kratkim pa sem ustvarila tudi Facebook stran za svoj blog,
in če vam je všeč lahko všečkate, vsak like je zaželjen :)

Recently,  I have also created a Facebook page for my blog,
and I would be very happy if I could get more likes :)
And thank you to those who already liked it,
I appreciate it ;)



Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lace peplum top

Today I am posting a simple black and classy outfit.
I combined a peplum top with lace sleeves with 
a simple pencil midi skirt.
Because the outfit was so black, I decided to pair it
with cute pink heels to add just a little bit of color :)
I have also decided to make a Facebook page for my blog,
and if you like it, I would appreciate every single like :)

danes objavljam preprosto črn in eleganten outfit.
Črn peplum top, z čipkastimi rokavi sem kombinirala
z pencil midi krilom.
Ker je bil outfit črn, sem se odločila da zraven dodam
roza petke, da je vsaj malo barve :)
Objavljam pa tudi link do Facebook strani svojega bloga,
ki ga vidite zgoraj,
stran je še precej nova zato je vsak like zaželjen :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Shopping season with Choies

In this post I will be writing about a website Choies.
Recently I have received my first package from them,
and I must say I absolutely loved it.
The clothes are absolutely amazing and such a good quality,
and as described.
 I will be showing you them in my next posts :)
So because I really liked the clothing I received, I`ve decided to
make a post about this website, or to be more precise, about their
special promotions and sales they are having :)
Holiday season is just upon us, the closest holiday is thanksgiving.
Even if your country doesn`t celebrate it, you can still take part
of this wonderful discounts and sales :)
Here you can see their Thanksgiving sale, which offer
50% -80% discount on selected items :)
You can choose from lots of fashionable items like tattoo tights,
midi skirts, faux leather skirt,...
But you can also not miss their Pre-black Friday daily deals :)
Here you can catch crazy good deals on selected items,
but the offer is limited, so hurry so you don`t miss it :)

So hurry up, take advantage of the sales,
I know I most definitely will,
and enjoy your weekend :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

DIY tights

Lately I`ve been fond of special tights, called Tatto tights.
They have something printed on them, most popular, cat ears,
but also lots of other stuff, crosses, cartoon characters, practically everything
So I though it would be fun too try make some of my own :)
As I am not a good artist, I cannot draw, 
I decided to put something simple and yet clever on mine,
and that is binary code.
You know what they say,
there are only 10 types of people in the world,
those who understand binary, and those who don`t ;)
I`ve decide to combine it with a faux leather skirt,
I really like it :)
I am also wearing a very pretty jacket, which I got at Tidebuy.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cute shoes at Shoepie

Looking for new shoes?
Have you looked at every possible store and still didn`t find 
something you like?
Well, that`s what happens in my case :)
I can look into a dozens stores and still don`t find shoes I like,
I admit, I am very picky when it comes to shoes,
I like them to be something special, not something you see on every girl.
While looking for shoes online, I found a store called Shoepie,
and as luck would have it, I immediately found shoes I like,
and not just one pair, the more I looked at their site,
the more shoes I liked :)
 Especially good for this autumn weather are ankles boots,
this site offers a wonderful collection of them,
if you want to see them, you can click here.
Another thing I found interesting, is their Valentine day promotion,
so for all the lovely ladies who want to look extra good for your
special someone, I would recommend taking a look at this special promotion,
for more information you can click here,
I know I`ll certanly take advantage of this promotion and big discounts ;)
As I was looking at their website, the more impressed I was
by their offer, they really have shoes for every taste.
High heel or low heel, dark tones or light tones,
cute or daring, colorful or one toned,
which is great in my case because my taste in shoes varies,
depending on the trend, my mood or the weather.
Here below, I have gathered some of the products they offer.

For more information about their selection and offer,
you can visit their website and I`m sure you will 
find something for yourself :)

Click here

For those who are looking for ankle boots,
you can click here

And for those who are interested in their
special valentine`s day promotion and discounts,
you can click here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Faux leather skirt

Lately leather or faux leather skirts have became popular
and I admit, I fell for that trend too, I love it :)
So of course I had to get another faux leather skirt,
 this one pleated.
Because it has a high waist, I combine it with a crop top
in red color.
Combined with yellow check shoes it made a wonderful color contrast :)

V letošnji jeseni so zelo popularna postala krila iz usnja ali
iz umetnega usnja. Priznam, tudi sama sem padla na ta trend
saj mi je zelo všeč :)
Zato sem si nabavila drugo krilo iz umetnega usnja, tokrat nabrano.
Ker ima visok pas, sem kombinirala z crop top majico, rdeče barve.
Z rumeni karirastimi čevlji pa ustvari super barvno kombinacijo :)