Thursday, 15 January 2015

Skater dress

Lately I have been busy with college and with upcoming exams,
so I didn`t have time for so much blogging as I use to.
But still I love it, and I want to blog as much as I can, and no matter how
busy I get I never abandon being stylish.
Here I am wearing a cute little skater dress which I bought at Choies
While I was wearing the dress, a lot of my friends said it reminded them
of a cheerleader dress, and I must say I agree :)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Borrow from a friend

How many of us have opened their closet full of clothes and said,
I have nothing to wear?
I`ve done that more often than I`d care to admit. 
But if you have good friends with same or similar sizes you can
 sometimes swap clothing like in this case. 
Good friends are always wonderful to have,
they are always there when you need them and for many many more reasons, 
swapping clothing is just one of many fun things friends can do :) Here am wearing 
a stunning black dress which I borrowed from a friend :)

Kolikokrat se vam je zgodilo da odpreš omaro polno oblačil in si rečeš,
ničesar nimam za obleči?
No to se dogaja meni večkrat kot bi si želela priznati. Zato je vedno super imeti dobro
prijateljico ki ima isto ali podobno številko oblačil da si lahko izmenjaš oblačila.
Vedno je čudovito imeti dobre prijatelje, saj ti stojijo ob strani, in lahko bi naštevala še
tisoč razlogov, menjava oblačil pa je le ena izmed mnogih zabavnih stvari ki ji
lahko počneš z dobrimi prijatelji :) Kot v tem primeru, kjer nosim čudovito
črno oblekico, ki sem si jo sposodila od prijateljice :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

DIY dress

Happy new year everyone!
 Since it is a new year, I`ve decided to start it off with a fun post about a DIY dress :)
I actually took these pictures a while ago, while it was still warm and not
cold and snowing like it is now.
I purchased this dress online, and when I saw it, I thought it was pretty,
but in my opinion it was to bland and it was missing something, so I simply
decided to paint it myself.
First I dipped in black color for fabric, but I didn`t leave it in to long, so that
it became grey. Then I simply painted on abstract trees, because I cannot draw 
well, and well you can see the result in the pictures, hope you like it :)