Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Would you like to see it?

Lately I haven`t been posting much on my blog.
At first I was to busy, then I just kind of ran out of ideas of what to post.
I mean sharing outfits and ideas about outfits it`s fun and I sure like to read blogs about.
My favorite blogs are fashion blogs, but somehow I felt I want to try something else,
a bit more, a bit different.
So in the last few weeks I`ve been making an art movie with my significant other.
He`s an artist, although he is not a fan of that expression, he is.
So together we made a little movie about his work, and I`ve also set up
a blog for him.
It is very diverse and hopefully interesting, you can see it here.
He creates in lots of different areas, from digital work to sculpting.
As I like his work, I`d like to share some of it here.

And last but no least, the video I mentioned before.
It`s only a minute and half long, so if you have time, take a look,
and don`t be shy to tell me your opinion about it and also other work.
Enjoy :)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Still catch easter sales!

Easter is and was a big christian holiday, that got more and more popular,
and in today s culture, it has become modernized with the use of Easter rabbit who
brings gift and in stores crazy discounts ;)
Either you`re a fan of Easter or you aren`t, everyone enjoys sales and discounts.
At a website are offering Ester sales on everything!
That`s right, you can get a 20 percent discount on any item you desire :)
By using the code EASTER20 you can active the discount on your item.
But do hurry, because the sale ends on 15th April.
The site itself is very diverse, as it offers lots of different fashionable items,
for practically any taste, so I am sure everyone can ind something they like there :)

   So choose a color you like and enjoy your shopping :)