Saturday, 27 June 2015

Life in plastic is fantastic!

after a long time.
Past few months, I didn`t really find the time to focus on my blog,
but from this post on, I`d like to set a new beginning.
From now on I`ll be trying to make my posts a bit more interesting, a bit different.
So here it goes.
Today I am posting pictures I took, while wearing an interesting makeup,
inspired by comic books, also known as 2D makeup, or doll inspired makeup.
 This way of makeup seems fun and light at the surface, and I did have fun
doing this photos, but I think it also has a deeper meaning.
So many people today, especially women alter their look, they start small
but just don`t know when to finish it and end up looking plastic or fake.
But some people try to achieve plastic look on purpose, which in my opinion
doesn`t look as well as natural beauty.
So here I had a little fun, being in a plastic world, being like a doll, but
in the end, I still liked it when I took off the makeup and became regular again :)