Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Back to the old times

We are seeing vintage more and more recently,
So when I found the site unique vintage I just had to make a purchase. 
Vintage style really made a big comeback and impression.
It also made an impression on me.so made this post especially
for vintage lovers like me :)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dresslink wishlist

While looking online for some cute and affordable clothing,
I came across the site Dresslink.
When I was checking it out, the first thing I noticed was their affordable prices,
especially if you flashbuy.
The site also offers a wonderful and diverse selection of clothing.
So therfore I decided to share my top pick, here on my blog.

I`ve always been a fan of over the knee socks,
so I would definitely choose a pair or two from their site.

The next thing I liked, are these blazer in various colors.
Blazers are a wonderul addition to many outfits, they can really make
you look more fashionable and elegant.


Another thing I found great, is this pleated skirt with suspenders.

Of course there are so so many more items to choose from,
so I`d definitely recommed giving it a look, as I am sure
you will find something for yourself :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

civilized world

Most people today live in a civilized society,
society with rules. We adapted to this way of living simply because we were
born into it and it seems normal to us.
But what is normal for us, may not be normal for somebody else.
When people go to a new environment or experience new culture,
first they are startled, but soon some learn to adapt and embrace new things,
while others are only comfortable in a known environment.
So what is normal to you?
What is your culture like?
Today I am posting photos, with that message..
First we see a girl, living in a forest, where she has been her whole life so she is 
used to living like that, but at the end she stumbles upon our modern world and it 
confuses her because she has not seen that part of the world.
People are confused when they see her way of living and she is confused
when she sees the modern civilization.
So which one is right, and which one is normal?