Sunday, 12 July 2015

civilized world

Most people today live in a civilized society,
society with rules. We adapted to this way of living simply because we were
born into it and it seems normal to us.
But what is normal for us, may not be normal for somebody else.
When people go to a new environment or experience new culture,
first they are startled, but soon some learn to adapt and embrace new things,
while others are only comfortable in a known environment.
So what is normal to you?
What is your culture like?
Today I am posting photos, with that message..
First we see a girl, living in a forest, where she has been her whole life so she is 
used to living like that, but at the end she stumbles upon our modern world and it 
confuses her because she has not seen that part of the world.
People are confused when they see her way of living and she is confused
when she sees the modern civilization.
So which one is right, and which one is normal?


  1. Nice

  2. Very interesting photographs! I like how you used those little houses to portray an encounter with civilization, the meeting of nature and of human settlement. Every culture is different and there is no right way of perceiving the world....every society had different rules, when we grow up in a certain society we take them for granted. That is why it is important to learn about other culture because that makes us more knowledge even about society we grew up every society there is something positive and something negative...and we all need to find a balance!

    This dress you have on is do look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the print of your dress Monika! Looking great! ;)XOXO

  4. I love the print of your dress Monika! Looking great! ;)XOXO

  5. Hi girl, I adore your outfit, you're looking great!
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  6. lovely blog :)
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  7. Love the dress. And nice theme for a post :)

  8. You are stunning <3

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  9. I love your dress and those little houses!

  10. I love your picture, and your post is really inspiring! Something to think about...


  11. Great look
    love your dress

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  12. I really like the story behind these pictures and the question: what is right or wrong. Great outfit. I really like the dress.


  13. Interesante reflexión! todo es relativo! tu vestido precioso y tu también!
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  14. Oh Monika, you are so beautiful. I understand you and I agree with you
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  15. Great shoes! I don't wear high heels but I like your model.

  16. Like the thoughts you are sharing here and I think both are right and I think we forget sometimes to see that not only our way to live is the right one ... there are many many others which are also right. Like you further in this cute dress, congratulations to the dress and the very good topic. And thank you for your very good last comment!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. This is giving me life dear! I had so much fun reading your life experiences and happy moments, and oh great visuals too ♥

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  18. I love the story you have introduced into the photos! It makes them all the more great! You look amazing!
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  19. Wonderful Post ,great Work!