Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dresslink wishlist

While looking online for some cute and affordable clothing,
I came across the site Dresslink.
When I was checking it out, the first thing I noticed was their affordable prices,
especially if you flashbuy.
The site also offers a wonderful and diverse selection of clothing.
So therfore I decided to share my top pick, here on my blog.

I`ve always been a fan of over the knee socks,
so I would definitely choose a pair or two from their site.

The next thing I liked, are these blazer in various colors.
Blazers are a wonderul addition to many outfits, they can really make
you look more fashionable and elegant.

Another thing I found great, is this pleated skirt with suspenders.

Of course there are so so many more items to choose from,
so I`d definitely recommed giving it a look, as I am sure
you will find something for yourself :)


  1. Great selection!

    Please click the link on my blog

  2. Oh very cute wishlist I loveit the leggings.

  3. great wish list. I really like those socks, they're so cute!

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