Sunday, 23 August 2015

Find it

Searching, searching, searching,...
What are we searching for?
The truth?
Something good in our lives?
Is anyone searching for a great website that offers wonderful and stylish clothing,
for an affordable price?
If you are, I have the answer for you.
Here you will find clothing that is fashionable, interesting, edgy
and also affordable.
If you use the cupon code Blog15 you can get 10 extra percent off :)
I ordered a blazer from this website which I am wearing in these photos,
and I must say I am very pleased.
The blazer I received is just like in the pictures,
the size fits me well, so their size chart is accurate which is great, because
when ordering online, you can`t try on clothing.
The postage price is very reasonable and the item arrived quick.
So I would definitely recommend this site, I`m sure
you will be pleased :)
 I hope the pictures are as great as the blazer,
where I was searching for what I was looking for ;)

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Why don`t we go down to Cocomelody

We`ll get there fast, but we`ll take it slow,
way down in
That`s where we wanna go,
way down in Cocomelody
Now if you wanna go,
and get away from it all,
go down to Cocomelody. is a website that offers a wide selection of dresses
for special occasions, everything from wedding dresses to homecoming dress
and not only that, you can get accessories as well :)
You can get wonderful cheap homecoming dresses here,
they offer such a variety of dresses, I`m sure everyone can find something
for themselves and probably not just one piece, even more.
 Check out their new arrivals if you like to keep up with fashion trends,
and be fashion forward.

Not only will you find stunning homecoming dresses under 100 
you can take advantage of their free shipping option,
I know I am also pleased when I see free shipping :)

Free shipping may not always be available, so take advantage
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I would also like to mention the new arrivals again,
I think they are really stunning and perfect for women
who adore fashion.
Now I`d like to finish my post, so I can order a wonderful dress
from Cocomelody as soon as I can ;)

Which one is your favorite? 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Why not try Landybridal for your wedding dress?

A persons wedding day is an important event in their life and most
people like to plan it to its smallest details.
But a wedding dress is not a small detail at all, in fact it is a pretty big deal
and find the perfect one can be a challenge.
So where to go, where to start?
You can try Landybridal

They offer a wide selection of wedding dresses,
like for instance cheap lace wedding dresses

The lace mermaid wedding dresses have recently became popular,
so if you like keeping up with fashion trends, this is the style for you :)


So anyone looking for a wedding dress a dresses for bridesmaids you can definitely check
out this website :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Clothes as good as candy

Everyone of us likes to indulge in a certain delight,
either candy, which is very common, or clothing, which is even
more common. There are many reasons to shop, needing new clothing,
keeping up with fashion trends, or just simply indulging yourself.
Which is great, everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time and
why not with great clothing?
But the trick is, where do we find clothing, that is fashionable,
cool, made of great material and also affordable?
Well I have a great suggestion for you :)
I´m sure all fashion bloggers strive to get clothing that is fashion forward
and not something ordinary you see every day.
Well, if you visit you will surely find clothing that
is fashion forward, edgy and something new and exciting.
They offer wholesale clothing , everything from shorts to lovely dresses.
This one is my favorite.

What caught my attention was there selection of wholesale tops
For those of you who like a pop of color and interesting and edgy design,
this site was made for you :)
Not only do they offer clothing, they offer much more.
For instance, sunglasses, which are a must during summer and winter,
cosmetic, accessories and much much more.
I suggest you visit their site, and see for yourself their unique and modern selection
every fashionista needs :)
I`ve also included someof the things I like from their site,
so you can see what they offer :)

Enjoy your shopping :)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

It`s tea time!

What lies in your mind?
Are you happy with your life, or do you wish you could slip
into another reality?
Do you ever wish, you could still be a child and play with your toys,
life was much simpler when you were a child, so some people
never seem to grow out of that stage, which may be odd to most people.
But you know what they say,
"What`s normal for a spider, is anarchy for the fly"
So what is normal too you, and what seems odd?
Here, I tried to make fun pictures that are a bit odd, but are just simple fun :)