Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dreaming of art

Have you ever dreamed such a lovely world,
you could not express it with words, but only with paintings?
Do you enjoy looking at art, do you perhaps even create yourself?
How many of my lovely readers enjoy art?
I know for sure my partner does, as he created these stunning pieces of art
you can see below.
The series called Outer reality was inspired by our dreams,
what we see at night, while we are asleep.
I`m sure all of use has experienced dreams where the laws of psychics were
different, so therefor I am sure everyone can relate to these paintings.
how you relate to them, do let me know in the comments. 
The paintings are also filled with symbolism, so which symbol
relates too you the most, I am also 
very curious about that :)
Anyone who would find these paintings great is very welcome to check out
the artists` Augustin personal website, where you can see
so so much of his special and wonderful work.
I do recommend it :)





 Anyone interested, the painting are also available for sale.