Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Landybridal can make your day perfect as well

As you may recall,
yesterday I did a post regarding wedding and I mentioned a lovely site.
But my lovely readers need to know there is another great website
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I am talking about Landybridal
The site offers a variety of styles in wedding dresses,
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You can choose anything from vintage lace wedding dresses,
if you a retro fan like I, but if your style is modern,
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wedding dresses 2016, surely you will find and edgy and unique dress.
But I am sure some of you worry about your budget, I know I do,
so I`m sure when buying something you are on a hunt for sales.
No need to look any further, because at Landybridal you can catch
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Including all that, you can really make your special day perfect
and I hope for those who are getting married it is, and even
better life afterwards :)


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Make it perfect with Cocomelody

Many women fantasize about the perfect wedding day.
Some about winter wedding and some about beach wedding.
If you are the type who would get married at a beach,
check out this beach wedding dresses from Cocomelody.
Make it a getaway during this cold season and have a lovely wedding.
If you are planning to get married next year, which is fast approaching
then I`d recommend checking out 2016 wedding dresses, they are super
gorgeous and stylish.
And not only that, if you catch a special sale campaign
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So if you got some time on your hands, I`d definitely recommend
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Digital world

How often do you think about the future?
Are you optimistic, hopeful, nervous,
what are your thoughts about what awaits us?
Will humanity evolve and therefor become more mature
or are going to repeat mistakes of history?
One thing is for sure, technology will and is becoming more
advanced and will be in use more and more and even in fashion.
These photos were inspired by technology in and
music of futuristic genre.